Entrepreneur, Fire Thyself

by Kerrie MacPherson at @HarvardBiz

When entrepreneurs first start their businesses, they are usually involved in everything: running operations, keeping the books, and making sales calls. But as a company grows, one of the smartest things an owner can do is to fire herself from role after role. Letting go of anything critical to business outcomes is a challenge, but successful entrepreneurs have all learned to replace themselves – and serial entrepreneurs even develop it as a skill.

Why be in a hurry to hand off important work? By building a team to handle operational responsibilities, entrepreneurs can find more time to focus on strategic priorities and even bigger goals.

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Don’t Be A Perfectionist

By Ilya Pozin @ilyaNeverSleeps

Perfection isn’t the secret ingredient to professional success. In fact, constantly chasing perfection may actually ruin your career.

The negative connotation of perfectionism may not be easy to swallow at first. This is because we’re taught to go above and beyond whenever possible. The act of fine-tuning, revisiting, and tweaking a project or task to perfection often derives a level of pleasure.

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Lean Startup: from principles to a real method

Francisco Palao. http://www.franciscopalao.com

Despite the fact that Lean Startup is sometimes classified as a method, the reality is that it is not. Actually, Lean Startup is inspired by the scientific method but it should be complemented with a real methodology. Otherwise Lean Startup could get stuck being only set of principles and buzzwords and become a nice fad that dies someday in the future, and this would be a disaster since Lean Startup is really needed by innovators and entrepreneurs in order to fail less. We have the opportunity to forge a truly evidenced-based entrepreneurial management science but some steps further are still needed. 

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