Guest post by Lisa Regan and conference co-host Sarah Milstein.

The Lean Startup methodology has its roots in the tech sector, where companies need to iterate quickly in order to survive. But the methods have expanded into nearly every industry we can name. In fact, at last year’s Lean Startup conference we had speakers from a number other sectors, including government, transportation, education and public health. They demonstrated the ways that testing and measuring could help many industries build truly useful, successful products and services. Read full article


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Culture First or Find Customers First

David Cummings on Startups

Recently there was a local debate around the importance of corporate culture in the earliest days of seed stage startups. From the debate, there was contention about whether or not a focus on culture at the start was important before the business had many employees and was viable. Put another way, should you spend any time on culture when it could be spent acquiring customers?

My answer: absolutely, culture matters from the beginning. Culture is more than just the founders and people hired. Yes, the people are the most important part, but culture is reflected in the core values, processes, and the way the company chooses to act. The same exact team with different core values, assuming the values are truly cared about, will act differently because the priorities are different.

The culture won’t last long if the startup goes out of business but it also won’t be nearly as…

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Why Lean Canvas vs Business Model Canvas?

Ash Maurya. practicetrumpstheory.com/

I often get asked why I created a different adaptation from the original Business Model Canvas by Alex Osterwalder. Lately, this question has bubbled up in frequency which is why I decided to take the time to outline the thought process that went into creating Lean Canvas.

First a quick timeline.

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Lean Startup: from principles to a real method

Francisco Palao. http://www.franciscopalao.com

Despite the fact that Lean Startup is sometimes classified as a method, the reality is that it is not. Actually, Lean Startup is inspired by the scientific method but it should be complemented with a real methodology. Otherwise Lean Startup could get stuck being only set of principles and buzzwords and become a nice fad that dies someday in the future, and this would be a disaster since Lean Startup is really needed by innovators and entrepreneurs in order to fail less. We have the opportunity to forge a truly evidenced-based entrepreneurial management science but some steps further are still needed. 

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WHY: The Most Important Question in Social Media

Pam Moore. socialmediatoday.com

As more and more brands jump on the social networks there is no shortage of tweets to read, Instagram photos to view, videos to watch and blog posts to learn from. But if you can’t answer the question of WHY, then it’s all for nothing, my friends. Give your audience a reason to care that you exist

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3 Ways to Boost Reader Engagement on Your Blog

Sam Swiech. socialmediatoday.com

The blogosphere is a pretty big place these days. So big in fact, it seems to be getting more and more difficult to pull in a decent readership let alone garner a healthy dose of engagement on your posts.

This problem is particularly frustrating because of the incredibly rich content and innovative ideas that often go virtually unnoticed. Simply attracting eyes to your blog is the primary hurdle bloggers are faced with, but there’s a another dimension to blogging that is often left out of the discussion when it comes to encouraging readers to participate in your content––style.

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